About Gina Decor


Welcome to my beautiful shop world ! A home of inspiring ideas – a place of inspiration.

My name is Regina van Vliet , and I have the great fortune to live in a magnificent country that is full of beautiful flowers called the Netherlands. I have always felt that our homes are a reflection of who we are. It’s also why I believe that everyone should aspire to live in beauty and enjoy every moment of life!

If you wanted to learn more about me, then this is the right section! I have been an interior designer for over 17 years now. I’m also a wife, a mother, and an aesthete. My heartbeat quickens every time I come across vintage tableware, blue-and-white porcelain, fine art, gardens, and elegant house décor.

My shop – GINA DÉCOR – is a mix of everything that I adore in design and life. Flowers, gardens, antiques, house décor, etc. I love having guests over for diner, so one of my greatest passions is table settings. For me, entertaining is perfect for expressing my creativity so I can release my artistic energy into this world. It brings me immense pleasure to design and create beautiful and often unique table arrangements for all sorts of occasions. It is also a delight for my family and friends to enjoy and marvel at.

Can anything be more beautiful and artistic than a perfectly served dinner in a beautiful setting with your loved ones?

The idea to open up a pop-up shop and to share my rare finds with you is something I am very excited about. My goal is to show everyone how easy it is to learn the art of setting a proper table to entertain your guests in style.

I hope that GINA DÉCOR will become a place where I can share my love and passion for unique pieces of antiques and modern pieces! I often travel to visit small villages and room larger cities in search of new ideas. Exploring antique markets all over Europe is an excellent way to find alluring pieces that will create a more intimate atmosphere in your house.

Unfortunately, I cannot keep all of these beautiful pieces all to myself. So, I ‘ve decided to share this joy with you – my readers. In my shop, you can find a mix of antiques along with items that are more modern and contemporary. Check out my blog to discover more about the world I live in and how I’ve managed to surround myself with beauty daily. The blog is a platform where I can share my ideas and thoughts with you.

Please follow me, and I would love to hear from you to find out what brings you pleasure and beauty in life!

Sincerely yours,